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Uganda – the setting of Disney’s Queen of Katwe – boasts myriad sights that can take your breath away, with mountain gorillas, 10 national parks, the Mountains of the Moon and the world’s largest tropical lake. Winston Churchill called Uganda “the pearl of Africa” because of its beauty, colour and profusion of brilliant life. Situated at the heart of the African continent in the Nile Basin, with a long shoreline on Lake Victoria, Uganda offers visitors everything from vibrant modern city living to some of the loveliest landscape in all of Africa.

"Welcome to Uganda-the Pearl of Africa and Kampala City - the green city in the sun"

Kampala, originally the capital of the Buganda Kingdom is the largest city and the country’s capital. Situated on an inlet on the north-western corner of Lake Victoria, Kampala was originally set on seven hills, like Rome, although it has grown to encompass over 20 hills.

Host Utility - NWSC  - a jewel of the African water and sanitation sector

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Uganda is a Public Utility Company, completely owned by the Government of Uganda. Established in 1972, the corporation’s mandate is to operate and provide water and sewerage services in the areas entrusted to it, on a sound commercial and financially viable basis.  NWSC’s Vision is ‘To be the leading customer Service Oriented utility in the world”.

The NWSC is one of the jewels of the water and sanitation sector in Africa. The Corporation stands out as a model utility and one of the well performing water utilities in the African region.


Nature in Uganda

Ecotourism and nature conservation are very important to the people of Uganda. Recognising that activities like gorilla trekking are essential to the tourist infrastructure of the country, many steps have been taken to protect the gorilla population as well as the many other diverse plant and animal species found in the country.

Water Sector In Uganda

Uganda has witnessed remarkable improvements in water Sector as one of the priority sectors in Uganda, as it directly impacts on the quality of life of the people and overall productivity of the population.The water supply sources in Uganda include protected springs, shallow wells, deep boreholes, gravity flow schemes, surface water and ground water pumped schemes and rainwater.

Government is committed to the provision of safe water within easy reach and to improve sanitation as provided for in the National Development Plan.The government plans to undertake strategic interventions with the following objectives
  • Increasing access to safe water supply in urban and rural areas.
  • Increasing access to safe sanitation and improving efficiency and effectiveness in water service delivery.

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